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Custom Work

Fabrication, engine and transmission swaps. Our hourly rate for labor is $65. We do not charge for distance.

Cooling & Fuel Systems

The cooling system is a very important part about your vehicle. If you are experiencing over-heating or a lack of warmth I can fix that in a jiffy. The fuel system is critical to proper performance. When not working properly the fuel systems can guzzle the gas, costing you more money. If needed I can completely replace your fuel systems.

Thorough Inspections

I provide a thorough multi point inspection free of charge to help you understand whats wrong with your vehicle and to continue preventive maintenance.

Brakes & Suspension

You should have your brake pads and suspension checked every 3 months.  I can replace brake pads, rotors, leaf springs, shocks and anything else you need for a smooth ride. 

Oil changes

Regular and synthetic oil changes are $65. These include 5 quarts of oil, filter and labor. For diesel or more than 5 quarts send us an email for a quote.

Front End Work

If you are experiencing an unusual noise in the front end, it may be time to get it looked at by a pro. I replace batteries, gaskets, wiring, ball joints and more. I can also tune non-computerized engines.

We offer a 90 day warranty on the labor and services provided. All warranties provided on parts are done through the manufacturers of said parts. Our warranty on the service and labor provided is void if the vehicle has been altered or had maintenance performed on it by any individual outside of the Howards Performance and Auto LLC staff.

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